Kick The Life

Awhile Back, a dear friend of mine stated unequivocally that he was going to “Kick The Life”.  I heard, felt and understood the depth in his utterance.   His life up to that very moment had been unnecessarily excruciating.  He has rebounded with a level of resilience that is both remarkable and most humbling.  If anyone deserves to “Kick The Life”, to engage fully and with complete abandonment in the joyfulness of life…to dance and to sing, to love and to feel hopeful again…it is my sweet friend Mohommad who should be rewarded in this way.  Such an inspirational story deserves a greater expression of honor than I am prepared to exhibit at this time, however I wish to share a few photo vignettes that represent for me the essence of “Kick The Life”.  Enjoying life purely and with passion.  I fully intend to interpret and explore further, the fuller meaning of “Kick The Life”, in pictures and in text as this new year unfolds.




Dad and Me

Bali Sunset


Artista Happiness

Lake Love

My 2010 year in blogging

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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Heirloom Adornments of Personal Expression

Thank you to both Amy and David Butler for generously including my heirloom adornments of personal expression as accents in their beautiful lifestyle photo shoot.  David kindly edited these photos for my own personal use, hence my inspiration to include them in this evenings post.  Its hard not to notice the visual cohesiveness between Amy’s luscious fabric designs and my own….how well they compliment each other.  I hope you enjoy them.

Flower Power

FLOWER…..Floret State…Glume Capacity…Nectary Juice…Sepal Influence…Style Potency…Umbel Sway…Whorl Vigor…POWER



Passion Pink Plumes



Vivid Vermilion












Persimmon Twist



Birdy Blue



Tissue Paper-esque






Synesthetic Envy

I have always wondered what it would be like have Synesthesia.  I even love the sound of the word as it rolls off my tongue.  “Synesthesia is perceiving sensory data of one sense with another, eg, seeing sounds, hearing colours or colours can be perceived to have taste or smell.” Blending of the senses or blending sensory experiences is something that I have experienced most of my life that I am aware of anyway but I am certain that I do not have this unique aptitude.  I have met only a couple of people who actually have this extraordinary gift.  Envy is not considered the most attractive connotation for yearn but it seems to fit my obsession with this neurological phenomenon.  I consider myself a hyper sensitive creature and thus my creative impulses are felt deeply.  My experiences are saturated in colour and emotion.  Transmission and perception is exaggerated many times which makes for curious interaction and understanding.

I fantasize about what it would be like to actually see my name in colour or to smell the number 7 or taste my favorite piece of music.  I love the feeling and look of certain words like *language or fluid or intuitive.*  Or how about *organic or raw, composition or compassion.* I don’t know.  Maybe its just me.  Words hold all sorts of literal and figurative meanings for each person.  They induce mood swings and even certain colours,  their names I swear I can taste them and I bet it has something to do with the very nature of my experiences with the particular colour that it reminds me of the taste of a particularly luscious fruit for example.  The photo I posted the other day in which I titled it Persimmon, Curry, Lime.  I felt that I could drink a tangy summer cocktail of that trio.  My sensory experience was quite real…enough to make my mouth water.  And so another story about colour and how it moves me, how it arouses my senses and leads me circulatively.

I imagine this topic will be revisted from time to time as one who admits openly to desire, must return again and again in order to satiate.

I welcome feedback of any kind should anyone wish to share their own Synesthetic or sensory blending experience.  Colour Stories are welcome too.  Thank you for visiting my blog.

Cool Lemon Meringue

Persimmon Curry Lime

Create A Rhythm

Inspired at first and then a bit intimidated after a few days have gone by and now I want very much to create a friendly rhythm with the blog experience but in order for this to happen I must engage in the process through repetition daily in order for any sort of flow to occur.  There is absolutely no reason why I should feel the tiniest bit of unease when my blog and I are perfectly capable of having a harmonious relationship.  Right?  Right.  After all the crux of my colour storytelling is a celebration of Inspiration, Interpretation and Exploration and thus I should fear not but instead let the ruminative journey begin.

I feel that I should introduce myself first by saying my name is Kim and I am the creator of this blog and the person who will provide you with a curious window into my colourful world hopefully on a regular basis.  If you peek into the “about” section of this blog, you will read a somewhat abbreviated and clearly esoteric description of my artistic nature including a small bit about the types of materials I like to use when creating my jewelry.  I collect many different kinds of things ranging from mostly antique tribal textiles and ornamentation from Central and Southeast Asia, beads from all over the world, found objects, items from nature, books and last but certainly not least….rocks and stones.

I hope to use this blog as a way to reach out and touch others who might also share a similar aesthetic or creative bent and wish to contribute ideas and opinions in an attempt to network and grow.  Also I hope to find an audience interested in my work, whether it is through the purchase of my jewelry or whether it is an opportunity to learn the art of beaded jewelry design by taking one of my classes.  My vocation is that of artist and teacher.  My avocation and preoccupation is collecting and arranging the myriad colours, textures and patterns that make up my inner and outer world.  This process is my joy and peace of mind.

I think for now I have provided ample detail of who I am and what I hope to create through this colourful blog process.

Oh.  And before I forget, Flickr will be a wonderful place to visit once I update my photostream with new images of my jewelry creations in addition to an abundance of photo vignettes showcasing my inspiration so check back from time to time.


After a colourful feast of greens and cultured vegetables and sprouted nuts and beans and tabbouleh and miso and quinoa and tofu, my wonderful friend Brian generously guided me through the labyrinthian process of blog assembly.
B R E A T H E………………………………

Welcome to my colourful blog!  I am just getting the hang of things so check back again soon for more colour stories.


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