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Create A Rhythm

Inspired at first and then a bit intimidated after a few days have gone by and now I want very much to create a friendly rhythm with the blog experience but in order for this to happen I must engage in the process through repetition daily in order for any sort of flow to occur.  There is absolutely no reason why I should feel the tiniest bit of unease when my blog and I are perfectly capable of having a harmonious relationship.  Right?  Right.  After all the crux of my colour storytelling is a celebration of Inspiration, Interpretation and Exploration and thus I should fear not but instead let the ruminative journey begin.

I feel that I should introduce myself first by saying my name is Kim and I am the creator of this blog and the person who will provide you with a curious window into my colourful world hopefully on a regular basis.  If you peek into the “about” section of this blog, you will read a somewhat abbreviated and clearly esoteric description of my artistic nature including a small bit about the types of materials I like to use when creating my jewelry.  I collect many different kinds of things ranging from mostly antique tribal textiles and ornamentation from Central and Southeast Asia, beads from all over the world, found objects, items from nature, books and last but certainly not least….rocks and stones.

I hope to use this blog as a way to reach out and touch others who might also share a similar aesthetic or creative bent and wish to contribute ideas and opinions in an attempt to network and grow.  Also I hope to find an audience interested in my work, whether it is through the purchase of my jewelry or whether it is an opportunity to learn the art of beaded jewelry design by taking one of my classes.  My vocation is that of artist and teacher.  My avocation and preoccupation is collecting and arranging the myriad colours, textures and patterns that make up my inner and outer world.  This process is my joy and peace of mind.

I think for now I have provided ample detail of who I am and what I hope to create through this colourful blog process.

Oh.  And before I forget, Flickr will be a wonderful place to visit once I update my photostream with new images of my jewelry creations in addition to an abundance of photo vignettes showcasing my inspiration so check back from time to time.


After a colourful feast of greens and cultured vegetables and sprouted nuts and beans and tabbouleh and miso and quinoa and tofu, my wonderful friend Brian generously guided me through the labyrinthian process of blog assembly.
B R E A T H E………………………………

Welcome to my colourful blog!  I am just getting the hang of things so check back again soon for more colour stories.


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