I feel that I should introduce myself first by saying my name is Kim and I am the creator of this blog and the person who will provide you with a curious window into my colourful world hopefully on a regular basis or certainly as often as the spirit moves me.

I hope to use this blog as a way to reach out and touch others who might also share a similar aesthetic or creative bent and wish to contribute ideas and opinions in an attempt to network and grow.  Also I hope to find an audience interested in my work, whether it is through the purchase of my jewelry or whether it is an opportunity to learn the art of beaded jewelry design by taking one of my classes.  My vocation is that of artist and teacher.  My avocation and preoccupation is collecting and arranging the myriad colours, textures and patterns that make up my inner and outer world.  This process is my joy and peace of mind.

Collecting provides an outlet for organization and  helps create rhythms of structure.  Some of my favorite gathered treasures range from antique tribal textiles and ornamentation from Central and Southeast Asia…beads from all over the world, found objects, items from nature, books and last but certainly not least….rocks and stones.  I love making cairns and thus they can be seen everywhere in my creative space.  A favorite pastime and often a catharsis is to arrange and rearrange my things, especially my stones and beads.  Each time I touch, reconnect, and thus remember where I found each bead, each stone and what the circumstances were by which I was fortunate enough to gather or acquire them for my enjoyment, I am better prepared to share the journey each piece has made before it becomes an integrative component in one of my designs.

My tag line is “Heirloom Adornments of Personal Expression. This is a very apropos descriptive for my treasures.  Valuable objects handed down from generation to generation reflect history and often sentimentality.  I have great affection for my hand-me-downs and even things for which a history has been researched and is not my own but I cherish just the same.  One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.  Discarded refuse more often than not, can be recycled and the metamorphosis from undesirable to desirable has so many possibilities.  Imagine the integrity when these elements are blended with an open mind and a creative spirit.  Timeless, ageless, valued.

Don’t forget to check my Flickr photo stream for more beautiful photos of my inspiration and jewelry.  A majority of the jewelry photos are of sold pieces but there may be some that are still available for sale.  For all inquiries, please send me an email.

Throughout the year I will be posting my teaching schedule and other pertinent information, i.e  event announcements such as art shows and jewelry workshops etc.  Be on the lookout for updates.

With change being always something to count on, so too will the inspiration for my blog posts.  It will be the impressions and opinions of others via their stories and moods that will arouse even more curious colour stories from me. Let the inspiring, interpretive, exploration begin.

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